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Resolve antimicrobial spray works on bacterial and fungal skin infections such as scratches, summer sores, rain rot, ringworm and thrush.

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Resolve antimicrobial spray contains three quaternary ammonium compounds and a humectant formulated to keep skin moist. It works in wet and dry environments and bonds with the skin. Resolve has the ability to hasten recovery time but will not sting, burn or irritate your horse's skin.

  • Antimicrobial spray
  • Field-tested by leading veterinarians

Ingredients: Three quaternary ammonium compounds and a humectant to keep skin moist.

Instructions: Rain Rot- Saturate only the affected areas. Apply once daily until healing is evident, then apply twice weekly until problem is completely eliminated. It is not necessary to shampoo horse, remove scabs or clip hair to be effective. Ringworm- Saturate only the affected areas. Apply every third day for 4-6 treatments. Thrush- Clean hoof area of dirt & debris so Resolve can reach affected tissue. Preferred method is to trim back the frog, then apply once daily until  problem is eliminated. Scratches & Summer Sores: Use as needed until healing is evident.

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