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Relieve is an equine intestinal adsorbent that helps restore digestive balance in foals and adult horses, while offering greater adsorption of viruses and bacterial toxins.

Relieve contains the only ultra-purified bentonite clay available in veterinary medicine, offering a superior surface area for greater adsorption of viruses and bacterial toxins to restore digestive balance, and L-glutamine, an amino acid that improves GI mucosal healing. Relieve utilizes the unique molecular structure of bentonite, and triple-filters it with both hydro and centrifugal forces to remove any non-clay particles. This process produces a bentonite clay that is superior to others, with 100% active ingredients in each gram. Relieve has a guaranteed analysis of 6400 mg ultra-purified bentonite clay & 2500 mg L-glutamine per 60 cc.


  • Intestinal adsorbent
  • Only veterinary product on the market that utilizes medical grade triple-filtered bentonite clay
  • Field-tested by leading veterinarians
  • For foals, give 30-60 cc orally 2-4 times a day.
  • For adult horses, give 120 cc orally 2-4 times a day.
  • Discontinue use 1 day after normal GI function returns. If no improvement is noted after 5 days, discontinue and consult veterinarian.

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Water, ultra-purified bentonite clay, L-glutamine, xanthan gum, salt, pectin (citrus), sodium benzoate, methylparaben and artificial flavors.

Relieve by Resolvet restores digestive balance fast with medical grade ultra-purified bentonite clay and L-glutamine in horses.

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