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Read articles about equine health and supplements from the Resolvet by Hagyard team of veterinarians and pharmacists.

Louisiana State University Double Blind Stress Study on Relyne GI

The following excerpt from the white paper, “Effects of Relyne GI with Beta Glucan (TBG-136™) on stomach health,” demonstrates why horse owners are excited about the new Relyne GI.

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Cracked, Dry Horse Hooves: Causes & Treatments

The horse’s hoof are affected by the moisture content of the ground it stands upon.

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What causes diarrhea in horses and what are the symptoms?

Although diarrhea can be seen with enteritis, it is not always associated with inflammation of the bowel.

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How do you treat gastrointestinal ailments?

The theory behind feeding probiotics is that adding in more of the beneficial bacteria needed for digestion will counteract digestive upset caused by an imbalance of bad over good bacteria in the hindgut.

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Which horses are most prone to gastrointestinal ailments?

Horses that have an unbalanced diet or are under stress are more likely to experience GI microflora imbalance.

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What causes gastrointestinal ailments and what are the symptoms?

The hindgut microbiome is balanced between beneficial microbes and harmful bacteria, and this healthy balance can easily be damaged by several factors.

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Bacterial & Fungal Skin Infections in Horses: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

There are several types of skin infections that horses can get from bacterial or fungal sources. Most of these skin issues are exaggerated by warm, humid weather.

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How do you treat gastric discomfort in horses?

Relyne GI is polysaccharide blend aimed at providing a natural alternative to support gastric health in horses.

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Which horses are most prone to gastric discomfort?

Equine gastric ulcers can affect any horse at any age. Up to 90% of racehorses and 60% of show horses have gastric ulcers, but even non-performance horses and foals can be affected.

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What causes gastric discomfort in horses and what are the symptoms?

Research shows that gastric discomfort can result from the constant acid secretion, high grains diets, chronic stall confinement and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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