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How do you treat gastrointestinal ailments?

The theory behind feeding probiotics is that adding in more of the beneficial bacteria needed for digestion will counteract digestive upset caused by an imbalance of bad over good bacteria in the hindgut.

A probiotic is defined as “a live microbial supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance.” In addition to producing many of the vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients the horse needs, the intestinal flora help keep potentially damaging bacteria under control. They do this in several ways, including colonizing the gut wall – by attaching themselves to the epithelium, they block spaces that might otherwise be occupied by invaders.

Prebiotics are ingredients that promote the health and growth of microorganisms already living in your horse’s digestive tract. Prebiotics essentially act as a food source for your horse’s existing gut microbes. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics for horses do not introduce new bacteria to the digestive tract.

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