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New & Improved 

One of the most researched equine gastric supplements has been reformulated with a higher quality beta glucan.

NEW Formulation

New Formulation

Our new Relyne GI is now made with TBG-136™ Schizophyllan, an immune-boosting Beta Glucan that stimulates the immune system to work on a targeted area. Further, multiple peer-reviewed studies show TBG-136™ has been proven to enhance healing and improve gastrointestinal health.

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New color is the result of better ingredients

The new formulation of Relyne GI has a slight golden color. This is caused by the inclusion of the new Schizophyllan Beta Glucan, a highly researched ingredient. However, the color change had no adverse effects on the consumption of the product during the study.

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Louisiana State University Double Blind Stress Study on

The following excerpt from the white paper, “Effects of Relyne GI with Beta Glucan (TBG-136™) on stomach health,” demonstrates why horse owners are excited about the new Relyne GI.

Non-glandular (NG) EGUS and severity gastric ulcer scores were significantly lower in the Relyne GI supplement treated group on days 28 and 35, compared to controls.

It’s also important to note that the reformulated RelyneGI was readily consumed by the horses and no adverse clinical signs were seen. Gastric Juice pH also remained low, and horses maintained their body weight.

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New Formulation Relyne vs. Placebo

Equine Gastric Ulcer Success Rate



*Placebo is an inactive substance that looks and tastes like the product being tested but has no effect, also known as a “dummy product".

Citation: Study 1 (Effects of Relyne GI with Beta Glucan (TBG-136) on health stomach, white paper, LSU does not endorse any products for horses.)

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